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Interview with Professional Model Amy Vosters 

Amy Vosters is a gorgeous 24-year old (now 30) model living in San Jose, California. She has always been intrigued by fashion, modeling, and art. She has worked with well-known brands such as Vogue and Bay Fashion Magazine.

When and how did you first get involved in the modeling industry?

I first got involved with modeling when I was in college – I was studying business, but I had many friends who were at the same time pursuing their gloriously creative sides within the study of photography. When a few of them moved on from photographing stagnant objects, they approached me and inquired if they could use me for an upcoming project. I reluctantly agreed, admitting I had always wanted to try modeling, but had always been too shy to try. But for educational purposes, I had to give it a shot! I put my years of watching America’s Next Top Model to work, and ended up having a ton of fun, and as an added bonus, got some great shots out of the experience as well. One of my friends saw these images and insisted on making me a Model Mayhem page, and the rest is history. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with a slew of beyond talented individuals ever since, to which I am eternally grateful, and extremely humbled.

What are your personal and professional goals? Where do you see yourself in five years?

To be a part of something greater than myself, something beyond the normal spectrum and reach of a single individual. It is all too often that people underestimate the influence they can have on the world – any change, even if seemingly small, that makes the world a more positive place, is an immense accomplishment.

Please tell us about the best and/or worst experiences you’ve had so far in modeling.

As with any experience, it is what you make of it. I try and make every situation fun, efficient, and fruitful. I have been fortunate enough to have had only positive experiences with modeling. The best experiences are impromptu – posing with wild donkeys, having a wave crash on you while in the middle of a shot, borrowing an onlooker’s hat as a quick accessory etc. Sometimes the best shots, and best experiences, come when least expected.

Have you had anything funny, embarrassing or completely out of the ordinary happen during your modeling career?

Funny? Always. Embarrassing? Frequently. Out of the ordinary? Quite often. I wouldn’t count a shoot as successful if any of the above were absent from the time spent in front of the camera. Laugh at yourself, have fun, make mistakes – make it worth while!

Is there anything you would change about the modeling industry if you could?

The stigma. Far too often modeling gets a bad rap – people think models don’t eat, that they are unintelligent, and that the industry is nothing but a hoax. On the contrary I say! Modeling is an outlet for creativity and expression. It speaks to something deeply intriguing within those that feel the need to collaborate and create. To be able to put in the time, the effort, and the emotion into something, to be able to tell a story through an image – there is nothing like it. It is a truly amazing feeling.

Do you practice any sports and what do you typically eat?

Practice signifies repetition, which unfortunately I am horrible at! But I always enjoy trying new things, more ‘unconventional’ types of exercise if you will – longboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, paddle boarding (boarding anyone?) or generally anything outdoors. As far as eating goes, I am very fortunate to have a decent metabolism – and I used to get away with it when I was a kid (sugar, 24/7), but now that I’m older and more aware of what my body needs, I feel more empowered to make healthier and more environmentally conscious food choices.

Please tell us something most people don’t know about you.

I am a big nerd, and I love learning! I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy at a very young age, geek out on trivia, am fascinated by etymology, graduated magna cum laude, and can recite the NATO phonetic alphabet.

Would you change anything about yourself (physical or otherwise)?

Superpowers – that would be nice!

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